Empowering The Healthcare Arena


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Medical advancements continue at an astonishing pace, yet the technology to communicate, deliver, and disperse treatment and education to patients is woefully inadequate. The reasons are various but primarily includes costs, technology adoption and regulations. Now start-ups and big tech giants alike are jumping in and trying to revolutionize the industry, but few offer straightforward, full-featured, price conscious solutions. Fast culminating into a leader in the healthcare arena is MDout, a Silicon Valley based digital health company focusing on delivering quantifiable efficiencies while disrupting the healthcare vertical through digitizing of data collection and dissemination, integration of disparate platforms, providing unparalleled analytics, automation of processes, and patient communication.

According to experts, patients are suffering, owing to inefficiencies and difficulties of obtaining information and personal health records. Patients are under-served and don’t feel like the valued customers they should be. Utilizing a questionnaire to identify critical patient concerns and then taking actions to be able to address those types of concerns is the best way to be able to ensure that minor problems do not become permanent complications. Having the ability to be able to get patient reported data directly from patients and combining that date with medical health records data is the future of healthcare.

MDout has set out to solve these issues with their founders, advisors, and management team’s decades of healthcare and IT expertise.  Their healthcare platform is both affordable and packed with useful technologies aimed at cost savings, reduction of patient clinic hours, increasing patient experience, increasing patient outcomes, and increasing patient-clinic communication, all leading to greater patient retention. The company offers technology like digitizing of medical office forms, allowing them to safely store documents in the cloud or on the clinic’s server.  Increasing a clinic’s patient retention by allowing the clinic to be able to communicate health topics and health videos with their patients, allowing clinics the ability to be able to have patients schedule their appointments online at any time. MDout also offers an education module with templates and communication lines available for a clinic to keep all of their patients up to date on physicians advice or industry education via uploaded video’s and articles that providers can send to specific patients or all of their patients.

It is pertinent to mention that the MDout solution is a Green technology. Their digitizing platform for clinic data gathering and communication is estimated to save over 1 carbon footprint per tablet deployed, with an estimated 3 tablets per clinic, their reach will remove hundreds of thousands of tons of paper waste per year as it gets deployed in the USA and internationally.

MDout is a pioneer in solving pain points for both small and large healthcare organizations alike, a vertical that is in desperate need of a technology revolution.  Healthcare in most cases is decades behind industries such as high tech, financial and retail. The healthcare tech backlog is reaching a tipping point and needs to be addressed. Most solutions are focusing on the largest healthcare systems and are not in reach for single provider clinics.  MDout is offering a leap forward in technology, at a very reasonable monthly cost that can be afforded by all clinic sizes.

If a clinic wants to digitize their office, save on paperwork time, lower patient wait times, increase the amount of patients able to be seen each day, increase patient awareness, automate processes such as appointment setting, and cut down on paper waste, this may be the technology solution they have been waiting for!