Protecting Healthcare Organizations Against Cyber Attacks


Dickon Smart GillproficioWith 2019 already underway, experts predict that the healthcare industry will continue to be a targeted by a range of cyberattacks, including ransomware, credential stuffing and insider threats.

As healthcare organizations migrate their applications and infrastructure to the cloud, they can expect cyberattacks from within public clouds and increased data breaches associated with cloud-based applications. Hospitals use a large number of connected devices, including infusion pumps, MRIs, cameras and label printers. Protecting these devices from cyberattacks will continue to be a challenge and the risk that patients could be harmed by a hacked medical device is real. On top of cyber threats from the cloud and on medical devices, healthcare organizations also need to ensure they are able to protect private patient information and meet compliance mandates like HIPAA.

Proficio, a global managed security services provider, headquartered in San Diego, recognized the unique challenges healthcare organizations face in addressing cybersecurity threats and meeting compliance mandates. Proficio works with some of the world’s top healthcare providers, offering managed detection and response solutions, 24×7 security monitoring and advanced data breach prevention services.

Proficio detects and responds to threats by monitoring clients’ networks, applications, and users on a 24/7 basis. Proficio’s certified security experts are always on call to monitor security events, investigate suspicious behavior, and hunt for Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Proficio uses a combination of best-in-class commercial technologies and proprietary software, use cases, and methodologies to identify indicators of attack or compromise.

Threat intelligence is a critical component of an adaptive security model. Proficio’s comprehensive threat intelligence helps healthcare organizations better understand the specific threats facing them by employing in-depth knowledge of potential or current attacks threatening the organization. Proficio’s advanced threat intelligence services also include the processing and sorting of information and evaluation by security experts to produce accurate, timely and comprehensive alerts. Proficio took threat intelligence a step further with the release of ThreatInsightTM Risk Scoring in 2018. The ThreatInsight Scoring Dashboard is an industry first that offers customers total visibility into the gaps in their security controls and automatically provides recommendations on how to maximize current investments and minimize risks. ThreatInsight leverages advanced analytics to reveal blind spots in an organization’s security controls, and then identifies and scores these threats based on the steps of the Cyber Kill Chain. The ThreatInsight score is calculated based on Proficio’s proprietary technology and provides customers with intelligent recommendations on how to improve their security posture; it also allows customers to see how their score compares to Proficio’s customers and their industry peers.

Healthcare organizations often run up against two common issues before turning to Proficio. Some already have an in-house SIEM and are struggling to hire and retain staff and are overwhelmed by administering and responding to their SIEM alerts. Growing healthcare organizations often find that they can no longer manage their security without a centralized approach to collecting security logs, investigating events and responding to incidents. With Proficio’s advanced security monitoring and 24×7 managed security services, these customers are able to protect patient health information and sensitive information anytime, anywhere, regardless of where that information is stored.

Proficio’s focus on tailored cybersecurity solutions has led the company to become a leader in the industry. For the healthcare industry, Proficio’s around-the-clock monitoring of events from healthcare applications by certified security analysts enables the company to discover threats before they damage an organization or contain suspicious attacks in real-time. As Proficio looks to the future, the company is focused on continuing to expand their customer base in response to the need for more advanced services to help protect against cyberattacks and meet compliance goals.