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John Romans
John Romans, President and CEO


“To date, over 1 million tests have been performed with our now HITRUST-certified PADnet technology, saving limbs and lives across the nation.”

Demand for high-quality results and information, delivered quickly and securely have become top priorities in the healthcare space. Minnesota-based Biomedix is contributing to the healthcare arena by dramatically reducing Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) test and data entry time. To perform a test with Biomedix’s new PADnet Xpress, practitioners do not have to enter patient data, the study is automatically synced to the cloud, and they can append data as needed.

Biomedix was originally focused on diagnostic solutions for hospital-based vascular labs, where testing is usually done by a Registered Vascular Technician. They saw an opportunity to enable community-based collaborative care by connecting primary care physicians (PCPs), who have access and influence over at-risk patients, and vascular specialists, who are disease-state and therapeutic experts. “To date, over

1 million tests have been performed with our now HITRUST-certified PADnet technology, saving limbs and lives across the nation” says John Romans, President & CEO, Biomedix. “Tests are performed by medical assistants with the results instantly made available locally or half-way around the globe.”

Biomedix’s state-of-the-art handheld PADnet Xpress technology consists of two parts, a sensor and an optional computing unit with a touchscreen interface, providing health plan partners the flexibility to use these components independently. The PADnet Xpress sensor has computing and touchscreen components housed in a custom enclosure called Biomedix Xpress, and PADnet Xpress is the app on the platform. The Biomedix Xpress can control other diagnostic tools, such as a bone density scanning unit to screen for osteoporosis or a spirometry device to screen for COPD. In addition, surveys are available on the platform, so querying a patient for depression screening with an industry-standard tool like PHQ-9, and having it synced to the cloud in a single member profile is a game-changer in the healthcare space.

The company’s patented technology leverages the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver real-time diagnostic analysis. Biomedix’s decades of experience in this field has enabled them to digitize and process plethysmographic waveforms into a quick and accurate report. This information is used real-time at the point of care to permit providers to quickly determine the presence and severity of a vascular condition. The entire Biomedix ecosystem is designed to detect multiple chronic conditions and report on them through a single member record to improve the coordination of care through collaboration. This ecosystem consists of their PADnet Xpress, which leverages a custom-designed sensor that drastically cuts down the time to test for (PAD), combined with their software that leverages machine-learning and artificial intelligence to detect disease when present. PADnet Xpress can be integrated a number of different ways, including Biomedix Xpress, which serves as a hub to collect data on a range of chronic conditions through non-invasive diagnostic devices, as well as demographic surveys, including SDOH (Social Determinants of Health).

Today, savvy consumers are looking for options and flexibility when selecting a health plan partner. Consumerism in healthcare is driving change and innovation to deliver solutions in the member’s preferred modality and setting; including online, in-home, and retail clinic locations. Biomedix’s compact state-of-the-art PADnet Xpress device was specifically developed to support field-based medical professionals to efficiently and accurately administer PAD testing in the member’s preferred environment. The PADnet Xpress and Biomedix Xchange platform is structured to enable the aggregation of multiple points of member data, and securely send it to a communication platform designed to optimize collaboration for the delivery of coordinated care plans. By leveraging their patent portfolio and growing stable of strategic partnerships, the Biomedix platform will continue to cost-effectively improve the delivery of care across a growing range of critical chronic conditions.