ChiroTouch Drives Digital Transformation for the Chiropractic Profession

George Ahn
George Ahn, CEO


“Our HIPAA compliant software, with the most current compliance certifications from the OCR, provides a seamless way of protecting patient data, while helping chiropractors with automation and providing easier workflow to run a more productive practice.”

It is no secret that chiropractors experience many challenges that get in the way of their passion in caring for the patients, while running their practice. California based ChiroTouch, is transforming the chiropractic profession. Running on the latest Microsoft .NET connectivity, the chiropractic software provides a highly intuitive and fully customizable documentation system. ChiroTouch is the simple system that combines Electronic Health Records (EHR), billing, chiropractic SOAP notes, advanced scheduling and practice management software that allows the office to spend more time providing quality patient care.

According to George Ahn, CEO of ChiroTouch, the company offers an all-in-one EHR chiropractic management solution that features unique dashboards for everyone in the practice that creates a seamless flow from check-in to check-out, billing to claims, and scheduling follow-ups. Since inception, ChiroTouch was built to support the unique requirements of each role in the practice, so the focus remains on the patients, while ChiroTouch manages the day-to-day practice management.

“Our software capabilities are designed to help chiropractors throughout their entire journey, whether starting, building, or expanding their practice.” adds George.

ChiroTouch is dedicated to delivering world-class service. For example, the product development team continuously enhances the software, the training team helps clients through their transition process, and the support team strives to provide excellent customer experience with every communication.

The company ensures to provide support service through their 100% U.S. based support team, available through multiple channels like chat, phone, forum and email. They also have partnerships with the best experts in the industry to continually improve their knowledge base, and have integration with top companies, so clients can have access to the profession’s premiere offerings. ChiroTouch currently partners with six chiropractic colleges: D’Youville College, Cleveland University-KC, Keiser University, New York Chiropractic College, Texas Chiropractic College and Sherman College of Chiropractic. ChiroTouch strives to work together with the colleges to help the next generation of doctors become practice ready.

Streamlined EHR Service

ChiroTouch’s document management feature facilitates scanning or importing patient records straight into an electronic file. This system is the foundation of keeping a paperless practice, that’s also easy to locate and use.

“EHR is here to stay, and an expanding number of chiropractors are choosing to go paperless. Expecting to make the change will only push back your conversion ideas even further,” explains George. “With our solution, never again will knowledge in your office be misplaced, because your data will perpetually remain organized and immediately available.”

Insurance cards, intake forms, situation reports, patient pictures, external records and x-rays can all be stored in the company’s bottomless filing cabinet and recovered with a touch of a button. With ChiroTouch, clients are rest assured that the electronic records will remain secure and protected.

Going Green

ChiroTouch offers 87 pre-set office reports and 20 pre-built form templates, known as macros, which users can use, customize, and share, for better and faster documentation. The automation and electronic records eliminate paper, ink, and filing costs.

“Whether you support a high-volume practice with many associates and disciplines or beginning a new practice, we are here to help you,” says George. “Our HIPAA compliant software, furnished with the latest security enhancements, presents a seamless way of protecting patient data.” The company’s data management services enable users to maintain full control over patient intake and record retrieval. ChiroTouch’s business goes beyond a software, it’s serving as a provider loved by not only chiropractors but by the profession, partnering with thought leaders and organizations to promote the importance of chiropractic care nationwide.

“However you envision your practice requirements, ChiroTouch chiropractic software system is your solution for an entirely paperless office,” adds George. “We’re constantly improving on our product by implementing innovative offerings that will benefit every chiropractic office to work at its optimal, by being the most effective and productive in their practice. We have adopted the same philosophy with the chiropractic profession to other verticals like optometry and therapy.”