Unique Referral Management Solution

Trey Havlick
Trey Havlick,Principal

eceptionist“We’re seeing increased interest in eConsults as a mode of healthcare delivery, among our existing customers, and generally within the global healthcare market”

Referral leakage may be liable for as much of 65 percent of lost health system revenue when referrals are addressed outside the network, specialty resources are mistreated, and patients don’t show for appointments. A well-designed referral management solution can assist improve any organization’s bottom line as their client can attest to the Reduced referral cycle time decreases by 50% – Healthcare system, Reduced referral cycle and administrative expenses producing a return of investment of 390% – Health system with referral call center; $8.9M positive affect to revenue by decreasing time from referral to treatment and referral to surgery – University Medical Center.

Eceptionist is the preeminent provider of software solution for the healthcare industry.  Since 2001, Eceptionist has been assisting clients reduce costs and optimize the performance of their healthcare services. Utilizing the Ecepitonist family of goods, organizations can better manage healthcare delivered across businesses, sites, communities, ACO’s and countries.

All Eceptionist Solutions are powered by a robust workflow engine—with the ability to insert intelligent rules and clinical guidelines ensures that referrals are prioritized correctly and route to the appropriate specialty with the right information—that supports implementing multiple workflows in a single instance.

It also offers the ability to electronically transfer documents, tests, and lab results, along with a patient clinical history to ensure referrals are routed to the appropriate service.

Different workflows can be configured with unique rules to support the varying needs of all service types from cardiology to dermatology to surgical workflows.

Workflows can additionally be configured to support different types of requests (i.e., referral vs. e-consult) with various priorities. A major competitive advantage of Eceptionist is the flexibility to easily configure the application to support a wide variety of service applications. All Eceptionist solutions offer configuration tools that place the power to manage the technology in the hands of our customers.  These tools are the building blocks of the Eceptionist application and allow for easy configuration of the Custom Forms Templates, Referral / eConsult / Request, Actions and Statuses, Assignment and Allocation, and Queue Management.

Recently, Eceptionist announced a new software announcement of advanced eConsult features that develop upon Eceptionist’s existing telehealth offerings. This release interjects expanded flexibility in how healthcare organizations accomplish their workflow, along with the ability to easily convert an eConsult into a referral with a singular click. “We’re seeing increased interest in eConsults as a way of healthcare delivery, among our existing customers, and usually within the global healthcare market,” remarks Trey Havlick, Principal at Eceptionist. “We expect this upward trend to resume, partly spurred by changing reimbursement models but also because eConsults assist organizations optimize in-demand specialty resources all while enhacing the quality of primary care.”

Eceptionist introduced its first eConsult module in 2005, as a store and forward / second opinion feature of its telehealth resolution. For more than a decade, healthcare companies in the US, Canada and Europe have been using Eceptionist to securely transmit and receive healthcare advice. Over the years, Eceptionist has operated collaboratively with customers and healthcare professionals to accumulate invaluable clinical feedback that has been combined into innovations in the software.

This feedback loop of customer inspiring design is apparent in the data analytics features that are involved in the release. Eceptionist has introduced improved reports and on-demand dashboards that give real-time insight into the lifecycle of all consults and referrals. Consumers can measure processing time from one state to the next, wait times, and workflow variances. Extracting data for billing and reporting purposes is fully supported, along with integration into an EMRs or other clinical systems.