Unique Analytics Platform for the Healthcare Industry

Ravikiran Dharmavaram
Ravikiran Dharmavaram,CEO


 “My experience with building, validating and monetizing platforms and solutions helped me create and nurture our EXF health 360 platform”

Accessibility, consistency, accuracy, and quality are the key challenges that many healthcare firms face today when it comes to managing their data assets. Organizational silos exist because of the inherent issues with creating and managing centralized repository of data that is fit for purpose across all organizational LOBs and SBUs. Absence of a golden copy of record, it’s difficult to enrich/commingle data with different, disparate sources. It leads to governance issues, quality issues and makes it difficult to deliver actionable operational analytics. New Jersey based Exafluence is a technology solutions company focused on solving complex business problems in the healthcare arena. Exafluence helps customers in their transformational journey towards cloud adoption and leveraging open source technology.

EXF Health 360 platforms by Exafluence helps solve business problems in the subject areas of provider management, enterprise master patient index, population health and revenue cycle management for payers and providers; and real world evidence for clinical research organizations. The company’s solution offers the ability to integrate legacy data and applications with added governance and resiliency, and enhance the data and application security.

The solution also helps to simplify data acquisition and consumption models, creation of a control plane for both legacy and cloud, and ability to maintain control and day two changes as new capabilities.

The pioneering company is led by Ravikiran Dharmavaram, CEO of Exafluence who has been closely involved with the transformation journey for several healthcare clients. As Chief Solution Architect and Head of Business Intelligence and Analytics Practice for several years, Ravikiran saw an opportunity to leverage open source technology to keep the cost of ownership very low. He along with his team started their journey of building the EXF Health 360 platform as a proof of concept in 2016- validated their proof of technology and launched their EXF Health data warehouse for Payers in 2017. “We subsequently launched our Provider MDM platform in HIMMS 2019. This year we are launching our Revenue Cycle product and EMPI,” says the steadfast leader. “My experience with building, validating and monetizing platforms and solutions helped me create and nurture our EXF Health 360 platform.”

Exafluence is the next generation, Global Technology Solutions company focusing on solving complex business problems leveraging Big Data, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Industrial IoT and Advanced Analytics – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enable our client’s digital transformation imperatives through innovation, agility and customer centricity. The company has built IoT gateways for deciphering connected devices, utilized Blockchain for creating immutable record for Patient / Provider, and incorporated AI/ML to do risk stratification, fraud and abuse analysis and for better care management. Exafluence has constructed a unified microservices API for consumption of Provider, Patient and Population data; Real time microservice, data-lake microservice and historical microservice for the consumption of data to downstream applications.

The company is now piloting digital twin technologies and its impact on medical device manufacturers. Exafluence is also revamping its solution repository and technology capabilities to address a holistic market that intersects everything to do with Patient, Payer, Provider, Device manufacturer and pharma companies. They are solving problems leveraging the same data sets that all these micro verticals leverage across the health ecosystem. “We are leveraging blockchain to identify credentialed provider as a source of truth and leverage authorizations, claims, risk models and HIE indicators to identify patients with High risk diseases and suspect analysis,” says Ravikiran. “With connected devices, registries, crowd sharing and open economy leveraging technologies, connecting people becomes more relevant to solve global issues.”