Comprehensive Billing Software Transforming EMR/EHR Arena


Forte Holdings

“We feature direct clearinghouse integration and the ability to bill from anywhere, anytime.”

There are many significant technical challenges customers face in today’s EMR-EHR arena. One must consider the EMR-EHR solution is in an ‘always on and available’ state while still factoring in government requirements for security, data access, patient data access while still ensuring it has an ease and accessibility to all new and growing support staff working at the office. Gone are the days of all work happening inside the office walls from 9-5. Today, the hours have changed, scheduling needs have changed, the ability to access/send and protect medical records have changed and the hours of operation and what is being done in the EMR-EHR solution have evolved dramatically. Rather than go all-in on one or another solution, Forte Holdings found that the best of both worlds is truly the best solution. They have a truly unique system allowing remote distance access from anywhere, online scheduling, security and data access and management capabilities that exceed all government requirements yet still afford a one-to-one control of their own data.

Forte Holdings has been in the medical software sector for over 30 years. They were born from the idea that there is always a better way to do it. The company saw the challenges presented at an office level, including patient management, scheduling, and billing and we observed that technology had not met the demand.

Factored with closes ties and affiliation to the medical industry, Forte Holdings was born. Forte Holdings is proud to be one of the founding members of the EMR-EHR technology movement and take it as a challenge to never stop innovating and pushing the industry to ensure all current and emerging office needs are met.

The company’s Chiro8000 takes great pride in its advanced financial capabilities. Chiro8000 can process any claim needed, from individual and batch paper and electronic claims, including all rebilling needs. “We feature direct clearinghouse integration and the ability to bill from anywhere, anytime. We feature the most advanced posting options available today including the ability to directly view and post your ERAs,” says Josh Nation, Chiro8000 Product Manager, who has been developing technology for the healthcare and emergency response sectors for years. “Our certified EHR provides a quick yet extremely powerful experience while still maintaining customization to fit your unique needs and workflows to not be forced into a cookie-cutter solution.” With Chiro8000, users can connect to their patients through phone, email, text, and hard copy on several levels for many areas including patient care, patient education, scheduling, billing, collection just to name a few.

In an instance, a doctor had contacted Forte Holdings about the dire billing situation he was in. None of his claims were getting accepted for a long period of time and he was near the point of closing the office doors as he was at the point of paying his staff from his retirement. “Our staff acted right away. On the initial assessment, we found he had thousands of outstanding unpaid claims. We worked quickly to determine what the status of each claim was with each affected payer for the office and the reason for non-payment and claims denial where applicable,” explains Josh. “We were able to identify the reason on every single claim dollar, corrected it for him, trained him and his billing staff to ensure they understood where the issue was and what was done to not only prevent it but to ensure it would never happen again.”

As we look to the horizon, Forte Holdings is looking to expand upon its unique system of an on-premise and remote solution. They want to increase their cloud presence and continue to find ways to help the office succeed beyond traditional boundaries and limitations. “We are fortunate and thankful to have worked with so many thousands of providers over the years. We take great pride in maintaining personal connections with those we serve in times of growing technological needs,” adds Josh.