Helping Organizations Measure and Improve Patient Care and Outcomes

Jeffrey T. Slovin
Jeffrey T. Slovin,CEO and President



For nearly 50 years, Minitab has been a market leader in helping companies improve the quality of their products and their processes. With new products launched in 2019 and more coming in 2020, Minitab is a new addition to MyTechMag’s 20 Best Healthcare Tech Solutions Provider list. Minitab’s offering of software and services are geared towards helping healthcare manufacturers and providers measure and analyze their data and improve processes. As a result, Minitab provides unique solutions that truly help improve patient care and increase efficiency and profitability for its customers.

“At Minitab, our purpose is to enable organizations to make better decisions that drive business excellence. Using our integrated approach of software and services, Minitab helps companies find insights that enable them to make better decisions and take actions that create value,” said Jeffrey T. Slovin, CEO and President of Minitab.

“Within healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare providers rely on Minitab to make their products and processes safer to improve care and save lives,” Slovin added.

Because of the versatility of its products, healthcare providers use Minitab and its suite of products and services in multiple ways to create significant value. decrease length of stay.

When two hospitals merged, due to different coding and nomenclature, it was impossible for the hospitals to make meaningful associations with key metrics. Using Minitab Statistical Software, the hospitals were able to recode the data, visualize and analyze it. As a result, the hospitals were able to improve the discharge process, discharge patients faster and unnecessary

Minitab also helps healthcare providers optimize patient outcomes. By analyzing different treatments, different physicians and even the different areas of the facility, providers can pinpoint the areas of strength and weakness. With predictive analytics and even more on the way, Minitab can help hospital better predict outcomes to enable them to take actions to improve them.

Minitab also helps healthcare providers significantly improve revenues. One of Minitab’s customer was receiving initial denials on claims on as many as one out of every five claims. Using Minitab’s solutions, the hospital analyzed its data to get a clear understanding of which claims were denied and why. As a result, the hospital was able to implement modifications to its billing, charging and coding process to optimize payer reimbursement and significantly increase revenues.

Last, but not least, Minitab helps providers analyze patient feedback. The patient experience is becoming a critical differentiator for providers and Minitab has enable providers to improve their ratings which helps them attract new patients.

“Minitab helps hospitals’ and healthcare facilities’ organizations understand their data to improve outcomes and their overall operations,” commented Slovin.

Minitab Statistical Software is powerful software everyone can use for business analytics. New predictive analytics and machine learning features will enable customers to easily analyze and predict patient outcomes from more complex processes.

With Companion by Minitab, hospitals can build, track and visualize process improvement across the hospital. Dashboards allow hospital executives to monitor multiple improvement projects at the same time and see the benefits of the projects in real time.

Minitab Workspace, Minitab’s newest product, provides an easy to use interface to build visual tools like process maps and value stream maps. Process mapping is critical to healthcare providers who must map out and adhere to processes to deliver consistent and safe care.

With Minitab’s best-in-class solutions, providers and manufacturers are making better decisions that have an impact on all of us. Minitab is helping providers deliver better care, truly making it one of the best healthcare technology solutions today.