Proven, Superior Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Technology Provides Immediate Visibility and Connected Intelligence in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)


AnneSonitor® Technologies

“Sonitor’s Sense ultrasound-based, RTLS platform (Real Time Location Systems) is an open integration platform with unmatched accuracy, reliability and scalability enabling even the most advanced use cases.”

Ole B. Hovind, MD, a physician in Norway, had a vision that ultrasound could be used to create a powerful indoor locating system, overcoming obstacles in providing effective and efficient healthcare. Incorporated in 1997, Sonitor Technologies continues to deliver on that vision. In 2006, Sonitor introduced the market’s first, and only, ultrasound-based RTLS platform. Today, Sonitor Sense, the Company’s third generation RTLS, is installed and recognized globally for its superior accuracy, reliability and scalability.

Sonitor’s Sense RTLS helps reduce wasted time spent searching for patients, equipment and staff, and optimizes workflow by providing real-time operational visibility and time stamped activity. In addition, if a staff member feels threatened or a patient needs assistance, the press of a button on a tag pinpoints the exact location where help is needed.

Sense is predominantly a wireless platform with industry-leading battery life and bay, bed, and chair level location accuracy. This precision is the foundation needed for advanced and life critical use cases such as staff and patient safety and emergency department (ED) and operating room (OR) workflow.

By deploying Sense, healthcare facilities have been able to significantly increase operational efficiency and generate incremental revenue. Among many customer-reported examples:

  • 30 minute reduction in ED patient throughput time
  • Addition of 92 surgical cases in a 3-month period by conversion of over 4,500 minutes per week of nurses’ time from non-value to value-added time.
  • 30%-50% reduction of lost equipment – a value ranging from $200,000 – $500,000 By automating processes and illuminating bottlenecks through real-time data, Sonitor has helped revolutionize and automate clinical operations, enabling health practitioners to spend more time caring for patients.

As an open integration platform, Sense seamlessly integrates with leading, third party RTLS application solutions. By combining ultrasound with Wi-Fi and active RFID (125KHz Low Frequency RF), it delivers the broadest range of RTLS coverage. Because ultrasound does not suffer interference from area lighting, sunlight, or other hospital electronic equipment and does not require line-of-sight, Sonitor’s RTLS is the proven solution of choice for healthcare environments. Additionally, Sense requires significantly fewer devices than other RTLS technologies.

To support their growing, loyal customer base, Sonitor established a US subsidiary, with global commercial responsibility, focused on customer service and delivering the very best technology to ensure customers meet their objectives. “We have established a leading position in the North American market and are growing our presence in the rest of the world,” says Anne Bugge, Sonitor Technologies, Inc. President and CEO. “We will continue to leverage the knowledge, partnerships and experience we have developed to ensure our customers’ success and to bring the value of Sonitor RTLS to other markets and geographies.”

Innovation remains a core value and priority for Sonitor. In 2018, Sonitor introduced Forkbeard™, — an innovative, new platform, combining the powerful accuracy of ultrasound with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Forkbeard delivers centimeter level positioning of people with any smart mobile device, accurately pinpointing a person’s indoor location in 1 – 2 seconds. This groundbreaking, patented ultrasound technology, seamlessly integrates with standard smartphones and tablets.

“We will continue to build on our technology strength and develop revolutionary technologies so that accurate indoor positioning can become as accessible to all as GPS is today,” says Arne Øyen, Group President and CEO, Sonitor Technologies.