Dedicated & Trusted Partners

Michael Perry & Jason Roys
Michael Perry, CEO-Jason Roys, President

SDV International

“Every SDV INTERNATIONAL staff member is critical to the company’s success, each with uniquely important roles, duties, and responsibilities.”

Today, healthcare beneficiaries worldwide face various challenges, but the theme of quality management is consistent. As with all organizations, each customer’s effectiveness and business viability is strongly influenced by the internal and external factors that comprise its contextual environment. For its customers catering to these beneficiaries, Virginia-based SDV INTERNATIONAL manages numerous factors that impact the design and integration of the technologies and processes that improve the quality of outcomes. The company provides Program Management, Healthcare Administration, Information Technologies, and other professional services to clients in the public and the private sectors.

SDV INTERNATIONAL has been successful for more than 13 years because the founders Jason Roys and Michael Perry and the company’s staff have dedicated themselves to delivering solutions to its customers at a great value. Jason and Michael view SDV INTERNATIONAL’s customers and staff as equal partners on a mission. SDV INTERNATIONAL’s leadership team is intensely focused on customer success, and Kim Waiyaboon, Chief Operating Officer, leads that charge while emphasizing that every SDV INTERNATIONAL staff member is critical to the customer success, each with uniquely important roles, duties, and responsibilities.

The core focus for SDV INTERNATIONAL is customer success. With multiple decades of experience, their staff has learned many lessons in various practice areas. Those lessons have come from many sources, including observations about what works for organizations and what does not work for organizations. The result of this focus on state-of-the-art technology and disciplined quality management has led to incredible results for SDV INTERNATIONAL and its customers over the past 13 years.

IBM and other world-renowned organizations have provided valuable mentorship to the company since 2008. In addition, SDV INTERNATIONAL has a strong network of portfolio companies and corporate relationships that continue to grow every year.

Today, SDV INTERNATIONAL’s 150+ workforce designs integrate, customizes, and manages dozens of health care applications, including electronic health record systems and a broad array of data warehouse technologies. Their solutions support millions of beneficiaries of the U.S. military health system, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health system, and numerous public and private sector organizations. The company goes above and beyond providing customers with the capability to access deep insights and data analyses across domains.  This confluence of experience and expertise provides unique value and opportunities for their customers.

SDV INTERNATIONAL’s healthcare customers depend on current capabilities and best practices. They provide the perpetual benefit of certified professionals who continue education to remain current with technologies, practices, international disease classifications, current procedural terminology, HL7 standards, and so forth. The company has an extensive track record of modernizing older legacy information systems. To that end, SDV documents processes and rules and designs new approaches for the desired modernized system. In the most common scenario for customers that seek modernization, SDV INTERNATIONAL provides DevOps solutions and facilitates rapid quality improvement through continuous integration and continuous development.

For each software development project, SDV INTERNATIONAL conducts technical analyses to understand what will be built, why it should be built, how much it will likely cost to build, and in what order it should be built. They develop software iteratively, and every software enhancement goes through standardized build, scan, test, package, and deployment processes.

SDV INTERNATIONAL has supported government agencies and commercial clients around the world for more than a decade. Some of their clients face the challenge of securing world-class support in remote locations. For example, numerous U.S. military and U.S. State Department facilities have come to SDV INTERNATIONAL to support health technology and health information management requirements across the United States and at multiple sites in Europe and the Middle East. SDV INTERNATIONAL’s experts manage the myriad of compliance issues, such as foreign treaties, visas, staff licenses, and various classified (U.S. Government) requirements that certain customers face.

SDV INTERNATIONAL has realized consistent growth in capabilities and revenues, with their #1 priority being customer satisfaction, quality management, and capability growth. They are focused on developing, implementing, and managing custom solutions from the ground up and have applied many lessons along the way. Upcoming growth will include further scaling of SDV INTERNATIONAL’s value to the marketplace, including service delivery to a growing customer base and product development that will meet healthcare and non-healthcare organizations’ unique needs.